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Organic reach: Food sovereignty moves to the web

Colonial contact brought foreign food and disease to tribal nations. Now, a digital generation is reconnecting with tradition.

Indigenous Eating: Embracing Local, Seasonal, Whole Food

Whether it’s paleo, Adkins, keto, or some other diet, America is obsessed with fad eating. Despite this, American waistlines have been steadily expanding, accompanied by diet-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

The statistics are far more staggering in Native populations.

Learn how to decolonize holiday classics with Mariah Gladstone

Long before there was a Thanksgiving holiday, Native American tribes on this continent were celebrating the fall harvest. And the foods they were eating are still all around us, says Columbia University graduate and activist Mariah Gladstone. 

Wellness Warriors Spotlight: Interview with Indigikitchen

The genocide of American Indians is well known: warfare, smallpox, and boarding schools have all contributed to the systematic erasure of Native people and culture. However, the current threat to Natives’ wellness comes as a culmination of orchestrated attacks on our traditional food systems.

Founder of Indigikitchen Named CNAY Champion for Change

A graduate of Columbia University, Mariah is passionate about food sovereignty and health and wellness. Mariah created, a web-video cooking show that teaches viewers to prepare traditional pre-contact foods for modern, healthy meals.  

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Indigikitchen: Healing from trauma through traditional foodways 

Mariah Gladstone | TEDxBozeman