Bison & Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers

Bison & Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers

A wonderful savory dish that's perfect for dinner or lunch, these peppers cover all of your food groups.

Potawatomi Berry Rice

A recipe from the Great Lakes area, this sweet dish can be served hot or cold. 

Pumpkin Seed Brownies

Pumpkin seed brownies

Made with pumpkin seed flour and maple syrup, these brownies are high in protein and fiber.

Butternut Bison Lasagna

Butternut Bison Lasagna

A super simple one-dish meal using a winter squash in disguise.

Salmon Cornmeal Cakes

One of these salmon patties has 1200 mg of omega-3s. Super simple to serve them with salad, squash, or as salmon sliders. 

Sweet Potato Hashbrowns and Elk Sausage

Healthier than white potatoes, sweet potatoes are bursting with Vitamin A, a nutrient absorbed better when paired with fatty sausage.

Nested Elk

These cute nests are made of spaghetti squash and hold savory elk meatballs. You can substitute another meat (or veggie) in its place.

Maple Glazed Salmon

This sweet salmon recipe ensures every bite will be gobbled up.

Maple Pecan Snack Mix

Maple-candied pecans with dried cranberries and apples. This makes a great food for the road or the trail. 

White Bean Coffee Cake

No one will ever guess that this delicious coffee cake is made from blended white beans...